Meet our Constellation schools in Brazil!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Two schools from Brazil recently joined our Constellation program: Colegio José Martins da Costa and Colegio Carlos Maria Marchon. The two partner schools are located in the beautiful mountains of the Rio de Janeiro state, in the localities of São Pedro da Serra and Lumiar respectively. At 1000m altitude, the climate in this region is temperate and far from the tropical heat found at the state’s sea level, which is why in the early 19th century Swiss migrants chose to settle here, and founded the city of Nova Friburgo (New Fribourg). This area is rich in forests, waterways and waterfalls, and is located under an amazingly clear sky, perfect for our future astronomical observations.

There are about 200 pupils aged between 10 and 15 in each school. The teachers are enthusiastic and keen to be involved in projects that can complement both their students’ academic program and their training as educators. The students of the Colegio José Martins da Costa, for example, already actively participate in the monitoring of the quality of the water in the rivers of the region.

The educators who will coordinate the Constellation activities in each school are: (top left) in one of the classrooms of the Colegio José Martins da Costa: Evanil, Marina, and Viviane; (top right) outside the school, Ricardo, here with his student João; (bottom left) at the Colegio Carlos Maria Marchon, outside the school’s library, Aline, who will lead the activities; and (bottom right) in the computer lab, Marcia, the school’s co-director.

The two schools are equipped with science labs and computer rooms, and are ready to take part in the Constellation’s Space Exploration program of astronomical activities.

A warm welcome to both schools in our wonderful Constellation!

Read more about our team’s visit to the schools on our GalileoMobile blog.

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